From the Martin County show

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​Our wonderful 2017 Orchid Show

​​Fort Pierce Orchid Show
Festival of Orchids
Saturday and Sunday – November 11 & 12
Shrine Club at 4600 Oleander Ave in Fort Pierce

Our society will be setting up a display and need your blooming orchids! They are asking that you put your name on the pot to insure nothing gets lost. Either bring your orchid to set up at 10 AM on Friday, November 10 or to the Port St. Lucie Botanical  Gardens at 9AM on Friday and Dana will transport to the show for you. Either way be sure to e-mail Jamie ( )  the name of your orchid. Having the information ahead of time makes the registration a lot easier!

We are also invited to participate in the competition for niche display, orchid photography, painting, needlework, pottery  and craft exhibits. Photography and painting can be color or black and white, 8 X 10 or larger, framed and mountable to hang. Orchids must be the theme. These items too must be submitted on Friday, Nov 10. Items will be judged on composition, imagination and technical difficulty.   

Find some way to participate! It always makes things more fun.


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