Our March Speaker is Allen Black!

Allen Black Biography: 
Allen Black is a hobbyist orchid grower and breeder (i.e., non-commercial) from Richmond, VA.
He has been growing and breeding orchids for over 20 years.  
His main breeding efforts have been directed at Brassavola-Cattleya alliance novelty hybrids.  
He has registered over 70 of his orchid hybrids.

Novelty Brassavola/Cattleya Alliance Breeding - Spiders And Stars

Are you growing weary of the meristems, more-of-the-same, big, round, beautiful, Cattleya alliance hybrids? 
Do you want something "different, unique, or exciting"? 
This presentation is for you!  There's still hope in the orchid breeding world! 
Explore the breeding results of hobbyist orchid breeder, Allen Black.
His breeding efforts have been directed at developing novelty flowers, something different, beautiful, & unusual. 
He approaches breeding as an art form.  Breeding Brassavola/Cattleya alliance is his specialty. 

Some of our annual activities

Diana Kulaga has found a great link for us!  Here it is.  Please click and explore.​http://angraecums.blogspot.com/p/behind-clonal-names.html

Our March speaker will be Allen Black.  Allen has been a presenter at the Odom's Cattleya Orchid Symposium a number of times and many people attend solely to get a chance to buy his unusual hybrids at the Cattleya Auction frequently bidding well into the hundreds of dollars.  Allen's presentation will be :
Brassavola cucullata and Its Hybrids 
In this presentation, we explore the wonderful Brassavola cucullata and its hybrids.
The presentation includes lots of beautiful pictures and covers the following topics:
-  My Breeding Goals.
-  Brassavola cucullata…the Species.
-  Brassavola cucullata influence in breeding.
-  A Look at Brassavola cucullata hybrids.

Our 2017 show is coming up fast!  Here is a link to the flyer with a discount coupon just for you.