Monthly Meetings

Our monthly meetings, hopefully, will resume soon.  The Board will meet in March to determine when it is safe to resume.   Until then, stay SAFE.

We normally meet on the 2nd Tuesday of every  month at 1:00 p.m. at the Port St. Lucie Botanical Gardens except for:

May (Annual Picnic)

July and August (Vacation)

December (Holiday Luncheon).

Our meetings are venues for information sharing and interaction with professional growers and speakers as well as classes.  Meetings also include “Show and Tell” for members to show off their blooming orchids, raffles, orchid exchanges, and refreshments. We have an annual picnic, holiday luncheon, and a large orchid show. The show is sanctioned and judged by the American Orchid Society.
Membership is open to anyone who has an interest in orchids, regardless of an individual's level of expertise. We believe that we should "pay it forward," taking what has been taught to us and sharing our knowledge with others, both within the Society and with the general public.
We invite you to join us and learn about orchids.

So what's an orchid-holic

supposed to do when there

 are no meetings to attend?


President's Message--

Well, spring is almost here.  I bet you are all getting ready to start repotting and cleaning up your orchids that are suffering from the winter blues.  I can’t wait to get started on mine!
Your board met on February 16th.  We discussed various topics to include cleaning out the warehouse and moving into a smaller unit. Since we also agreed that it is still too early to hold general meetings, we discussed looking into Zoom general  meetings.  Once we gather all the information on Zoom and see how it has worked for other clubs, we will reach out to you for your input.  We also discussed the need for a 1st VP.  1st VP’s are responsible for getting the speakers for our meetings.  The board will be there to help you find good speakers.    In full disclosure, 1st VP’s are agreeing to be President once the current President steps down.  However, the club has been known to make an exception to that rule. So, we hope 
you will step up and join the board!
Last, but not least, the 2022 show.  “Already” you say!  Yes. already.  We need a chairman for this show.  The good news is the board talked about sharing the duties with the show chair being the coordinator.  One person would take care of the raffle, another would contact vendors, another would do the layout, and so on.  The best news is the show will be inside the Botanical Garden’s Center building and under the veranda surrounding the building.  It will be held in conjunction with the Botanical Garden’s Garden Show.  As you know, it is always a few who do the majority of the work.  We have board members who are “burned out.”  Please let’s show them we appreciate their hard work by volunteering to lend a hand.  If you are willing to give a little of your time or take charge of a particular part of the show, please e-mail:
Our next board meeting is March 16th, 12:30 at The Botanical Gardens.  You are always welcome, and we would love to see you. 
Happy Spring!

Pam Scholey

Your President


Until We Meet Again


Check out the many resources on the American Orchid Society website.

Check out the resources available on the Motes Orchids website.

Check out resources available on other orchid society websites like St. Augustine Orchid Society.

If you’re a member of our Facebook group, post pictures of your blooming orchids group (  We can still do Show and Tell.

​We now have a ZOOM page and are looking into offering Zoom meetings from time to time during the pandemic.  Please check here and on our Facebook page for more information.