​Our wonderful 2017 Orchid Show

Auction Rules

Mission Statement
The purpose of Port St. Lucie Orchid Society auctions is to provide members with an outlet to dispose of plants from their own collections, to provide the orchid loving public with an opportunity to purchase quality plants at fair prices, and to further our mission to add to the ranks of orchid addicts.

Rules for Participants: 
1. Only society members may offer plants for sale, but all buyers are welcome.

2. Members are limited to 20 plants for sale. Anything over that number will be considered donations to the society and should be labeled as such. For every 10 member auction plants, one is to be donated to the PSLOS auction table.

3. The auction is designed to help members manage their collections by eliminating duplicate plants and divisions. It is not meant to be an outlet for the sale of multiple plants of the same hybrid, nor is it meant to be an outlet for commercial or quasi-commercial sales.

 4. Ten per cent (10%) of all sales will go to the society. Checks to sellers will be provided within 30 days of the auction.

5. If a seller's plants are not all auctioned off, further sales will be conducted independent of the auction after the workers have tallied the auction sales, and may not be conducted within the auction building.

6. Each plant will be auctioned individually. The auctioneer will not sell one plant and then several more of the same hybrid for the same price without bidding.

7. Plants for sale must be brought to the auction location no later than 30 minutes prior to the scheduled start time. Plants brought after the auction has begun will not be considered. Plants must have a label on a leaf, stating the name of the seller and the minimum opening bid. Donated plants should be labeled "PSLOS" with a minimum bid included.

8. Plants will be auctioned at random.

9. All sales are final.